The New Standard in International Payments

PT Stock Value Indonesia provides payment solutions for forward-thinking businesses from around the globe. We’ve built a safe and efficient platform for trade settlement, international funds transfer, subscription payments, e-commerce and crowdfunding. Our solutions are designed to be easy to use and secure, regardless of one’s level of technical sophistication. We currently facilitate business in 35 countries and our customer base continues to expand worldwide, with specialized solutions for finance and insurance, travel and crowdfunding enterprises.

Whether your company is the hottest start up or an established pillar of society, today’s business climate involves rapid change and adaptation, and PT Stock Value Indonesia will ensure that all of your business practices are current and safe. A successful global business requires cybersecurity and other risk management, along with knowledge of cultural appropriateness, global trade relationships, currency and other regulatory issues. PT Stock Value Indonesia provides the infrastructure for your business to function efficiently.

Our location in Jakarta provides us with many strategic benefits. Indonesia is now the largest economy in South East Asia and is a member of the G20 international community. The city’s infrastructure is first class and the geographic location is central for a majority of our clients. Compared to our financial centers, costs are relatively low, which enables us to keep our costs down in turn.

At PT Stock Value Indonesia, we not only facilitate business transactions, but we ensure the highest safety standards are being met, both online and offline. Keeping things running safely is one aspect of keeping things running smoothly, and we employ multiple efficiencies to ensure that your business is running well and running profitably. PT Stock Value Indonesia provides solutions for all your payment-related needs, and builds end-to-end infrastructure to optimize growth and ensure your success.