Trade Settlement

PT Stock Value Indonesia is a recognized specialist in trade settlement for private financial institutions, insurance companies and hedge funds. We are experts at navigating international trade settlement and compliance, allowing our clients to stay focused on markets and other matters at hand. We facilitate trade settlements of both public and privately owned securities as well as the more complex derivative products inherent to hedging and insurance.

Crowdfunding, Angel Investing & Non-profits

Modern connectivity is making it easier for crowdfunding, angel investors, charities and other non-profits to reach more supporters than ever before at lower and lower costs, facilitating many worthy fund-raising campaigns. Using PT Stock Value Indonesia makes it easier and safer for people to contribute for many worthy ventures. We help our clients to help more people. You can start raising money in a matter of days, rather than months, and accept donations in most international currencies from the majority of countries on our planet. We make it easy for people to contribute, and we make it even easier for you to track everything, download active reports, and collect and redistribute funds.

Risk Management

The risks involved in facilitating the movement of money are very specific. In all aspects of business there are always risks to contain, and there are three areas that we are particularly focused on: cyber-security, vetting and fraud detection. These are constantly evolving issues, and we review all clients’ protocols on a regular basis.

PT Stock Value Indonesia employs several layers of fraud prevention to protect our customers. Our internal algorithms scan every payment. Our latest systems scan data across over 100,000 global companies, and employ predictive technology that flags risk. In this way, we are able to block most fraudulent activities with a minimum amount of interference with legitimate payments and transactions. We are by necessity discreet about our cyber-security and vetting procedures and direct any relevant questions to our Jakarta office.